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High Ticket Coaching Mindset

Are you a coach our consultant who is frustrated with only getting clients one at a time and wants to move more toward a high ticket group coaching model?
OR perhaps you are tired of every job being different, and want to be able to deliver more value and certainty to your clients using a proven program to help them achieve their desired result.
If so, you may have considered developing a group coaching program to let you work with a group of people at the same time, and to streamline your marketing and service delivery by offering a clearly defined program rather than totally bespoke work.

There are 3 big areas that I see people struggling mentally and emotionally, and that stop them from launching their own high ticket group coaching program. They are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Enrolling Clients
  3. Delivering high ROI in a one to many format.

While there are genuine challenges in each of these areas, for me, and for many people, the first and often the biggest challenge to overcome is their mindset – especially if they’ve never done it before.

High Ticket Coaching Mindset

The Role of Mindset in launching running a successful High Ticket Group Coaching Program

I’d certainly felt this way – but something was holding me back. No matter how organised I got, I just couldn’t get over the hurdle. Eventually I realised that it was my mindset stopping me from succeeding. That little voice inside your head “Who are you to run a group coaching program?”

If you’ve heard that little voice and want to break through, see if my story helps.

I recorded this video for my High Ticket Group Coaching clients to address that nagging doubt that we’ve all got – the one that asks questions like:

  • What if I can’t do this? Who am I to run a high ticket group coaching program?
  • Why would anyone pay me premium prices for a group coaching program rather than working with me one on one?
  • How will I get results for people working one to many?

High Ticket Group Coaching Mindset Video Transcript:

Hey there, it’s Dallas Here

Today I want to talk to you about mindset.

For me one of the biggest challenges in moving from working one-to-one to offering a group coaching program is the mindset.

You see these online coaches or people who are well known – celebrity coaches, let’s call them – people who offer services one to many. And it seems like “Well other people (can) do that but I can’t”.

So for me there was a big mindset gap between where I was and the plausibility of being able to do that (offer a High Ticket Group Coaching Program). And I’d sort of put it down to “Well I can’t do that” or “That must be really hard, I’d need some extra things to do that”, but the biggest block was actually the mindset – the belief that I couldn’t get there.

So there are two ways to approach this (overcoming a limiting mindset). One is to affirm that you’ve already got something even though you don’t already have it. That’s sort of like saying “Hey, I”m rich” even though you you’re not. (This is affirmation – saying I already have what I want).

And that can work – that kind of mindset driven stuff can work (to shift your mindset). But what tends to happen is that you believe it for a little while and then you rebel against it, and you sabotage it. So that mindset but in practice, your sanity kicks in and says “no you really aren’t rich” or “You really can’t fly”, “Don’t try”, “Do something that makes you feel comfortable or proves to you that were joking or that you weren’t serious – so we tend to sabotage ourselves when we approach it in that way.

The other way to do it (shift your mindset) is to imagine and feel that you already have everything you want and need, and to take the steps as if you are already there. (This is acting as if you already have what you want). So that might be that you schedule time in your diary to run your program, to do all the steps as if you are already there (have already achieved the result you want), and this is sort of going through the motions and executing the behaviours which helps to reinforce the mindset stuff.

But there’s a third way that I want to introduce, and that is that our brains are prepared to believe that we are going to go somewhere even if we aren’t there now. So say for example you want to take a trip to China, and you are in no way in China now but if you started doing some things like getting a passport, planning a route, buying a ticket and learning Chinese – all these things that are clearly necessary to get you to China, your brain, your identity, your self-conception has an easier time believing that you are going to China. (This is future framing – acting now as if you are inevitably going to get what you want – this is how we act when we truly believe we will do something in the future, and the most effective way to work with your mindset without risking it backfiring into self sabotage).

If you take those steps, your brain has a much easier time believing that you are going to China and you tend not to self-sabotage. If you fail to take those steps, then going to China will seem extremely stressful or unbelievable and you’ll probably think “Look, it’s too hard, I might cancel that ticket”, or if you haven’t already bought the ticket it suddenly gets too hard and you don’t end up in China.

So we want to make sure that when we’re planning our group coaching program, that we address all the obstacles that will prevent us getting there. (We want to plan out all the steps we need to take to reach our desired destination). If we don’t do that then the idea of taking this big new step will be very stressful. Very stressful indeed. And we’ll sabotage our best endeavours, and it will fall through and it will seem like “just another one of those crazy ideas – I thought I could do it but then I realised of course I can’t – I should just stick to 9-5 or just working with clients one to one (Even though I hate it or I know I can do much better).”

So what I want for you is to write a list of everything that is stopping you from where you want to go. I want you to write down all the objections that you have about why you can’t do this. Because these are that are stopping you from getting to where you want. Because these are all ways that your identity is protecting you from damage. From doing something crazy.

Just like if you thought you could fly, your brain kicks in and say “No I I don’t have wings, there’s no soft landing, I don’t have a parachute,I don’t have a jetpack”. Your safety defences kick into protect yourself. They’re doing that now. They’re going to stop you from taking risky steps toward a seemingly unachievable goal (To our subconscious brain, anything you’ve never done seems almost impossible – that’s why strategic planning, goal setting and coaching are so powerful – you set in place a series of achievable known steps that will get you to an otherwise challenging goal).

So write down, brainstorm an exhaustive list of everything that are stopping you from getting to where you want to go.

Now in the program I’ve covered the major stuff- the really big things that are going to stop you. But you’re going to come up with your own list (of reasons you can’t achieve what you want). Some of them are going to be unrealistic – they are going to be superstitions – things that are not actually true, but they are true for you, and if you don’t name them then you can’t address them.

So you might have some weird superstitious ideas or things that aren’t’ entirely accurate for everyone but that are still true for you.

It might be about what other people think of you for example, or it might be fears you have about speaking in public or going on video or putting your name out there or telling your friends that you are doing this thing that’s different from what other people do. One of the things that can be really significant for a lot of people (thinking about starting a high ticket group coaching program).

One of the things that can be really significant for a lot of people is that they don’t know anyone else who is running a high ticket group coaching program. And that’s one of the reasons why in this program we’ve got a group of people with this shared goal. And we’re all going to do it – we’re going to start by asserting that we are going to do it and supporting each other when we go through the inevitable doubts that we’re not going to be able to do it or we’re going to back out, or it’s too hard or we don’t know how. And together we’re all going to go through the steps.

5 Steps in the High Value Brand Group Coaching Program

So the 5 steps in this program (High Value Brand Program) are:

1. Vision

We’re in step 1 now, which is vision, and that’s really seeing clearly what we want to achieve and going out there and making it happen according to that vision.

2. Attraction

And so the next step is client attraction. Because it’s all very well to say “I’m going to run a high priced group coaching program, and I’m going to enrol a heap of people who are going to pay me a heap of moeny to get an awesome result. The flaw in the cunning plan is “who is going to pay you a heap of money” and
how are you going to get a lot of them

And at first it will be implausibly difficult and like it can’t possibly work for you.  But we’re going to follow the process and we’re going to get you 1,we’re going to get you 2,we’re going to get you 3 and by then you’ll be convinced you can get to 5 or 10 or 20, whatever the number of people is you want to serve at once. If you can get to 3, you can get to 20.

3. Leverage

The next step is how are you going to serve more than one person at once? Because we are all able to deliver a high ticket product to one person, and give it our all, and give them a great result. But the idea that we can do the same for 2 or 3 at once, when actually one is kind of hard, one is kind of pushing us, can seem really challenging. But what I’m going to do is show you ways to leverage your time, leverage your skills and leverage your personal vaalue to do more than one at once. Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily harder to do more than one at once. There are actually big benefits to serving people in a group. You’ll get benefits by being in a group in this program, your clients will get benefits too. And as you go through this program I’m going to be very explicit about how it’s benefiting you doing this in a group rather than one on one. And knowing that other people have been here before you.

4. Unique Result

Now the fourth step is the result you deliver (and how you present that as an offer). It’s one thing to come up with an idea, it’s another thing to enrol some clients and sell it to people, and another to enrol many people at once.

But then you’ve got to deliver the result.

So we’re going to get very clear about what the result is that you deliver.

And this is very important, because effectively the result is what we sell.

We’re not “selling” the program, you’re not selling our online course, or time with us, and you’re  not selling you, which is really important.

One of the big blocks the people face is they think “Oh, I can’t charge that much, why would anyone pay me“. They’re not paying you – they are investing in themselves to get the transformation, the result that they want.

With that mindset it takes the pressure off you to perform. It takes that anxiety that we have that we’re not enough away.

Because w’re just a conduit or a catalyst to help people achieve something that’s within them, that they want, and that can be achieve though a logical set of steps. and you do have the skills and experience to deliver that results. You’re going to come up with a system to deliver that reliably – that was the third step – but then you’re going to figure out what the result is, what it means to them, and why they want it, because that’s what we’re going to sell them on.

That’s what they are going to receive, that’s what’s going to make it all worthwhile investing all that time and energy.

Another thing I want to emphasise is that for you selling it there is probably going to be some anxiety about what you are charging for the result.

We are going to position the price so that it’s a fraction of what the benefit that they are getting is. So I generally operate at around 10% or sometimes 5% (20x return) or 20% (5x return) of the value that they will receive.

At that price point (level 0f return on investment – ROI) it’s well worth people paying a high ticket price to get a something that is a highly valuable result to them.

With that in mind, keeping an eye on what the value of the result is can be a great way to take the pressure off the price in your mind.

Another way to do that is to remember that there is a considerable investment of time, energy, trust and money on their part. In fact, the money is the smallest investment they make

They need to invest in themselves on many levels. And you need to be choosing to work with people who are able to make that investment. Not just pay you the money – because if that’s all they do they are not going to get result they want.

So you need to be very careful that you are qualifying people according to the commitment, their assets and resources, their capability and the steps they’ve already taken so far. If you think it’s all about the money you’ll enrol the wrong people and they won’t get the results. They need to be ticking all those other boxes – the money is just the final step.

5. Escalation

And finally the fifth step, Escalation, is how you step up your results. Because getting the first 3 or 4 or 5 high ticket coaching clients is exciting – it’s much more rewarding than doing it one to one, but if you are only serving 3 to 5 clients at a time then you are actually still pretty much stuck in one to one mode (you haven’t realised the efficiencies of scale) and you haven’t really built a  business that can be scaled beyond just serving a handful of clients at a time.

In the escalation phase we’re looking at how you grow your business quickly, how you scale to multiple clients, and how you repeat that and grow a business that’s more than just you serving clients one to one – it’s a repeatable business. Once you’ve got to that point you’ve developed a scalable business – and that’s a saleable business as well – it’s more than just you – you’ve got a system that you’ve proven, that can be repeated, and it means that if you do it once, you can do it again in 6 months or 12 months, however long your program is. And you know you can repeat this process to earn a repeatable, reliable income, and that gives you freedom, so Escalation is all about freedom.

High Ticket Coaching Mindset Wrap Up

So they’re our 5 steps – that’s what I want to give to you, what I want to share with you, and I’m really excited that you are on this journey together. Because in many ways you are going each other there as much as I’m going to get you there. So have a look around at the other people in the program, they’re going to be there to support you and you need to be there to support them because this is very much a group undertaking.

So I’m going to wrap it up there – thanks for listening – I hope it’s been helpful. I’ll chat to you in the next video.

What’s the biggest challenge that you face with mindset around planning, selling and launching your high ticket group coaching program?

I’d love to hear what is challenging you and holding you back from creating a high ticket group coaching program.

Leave a comment below to share your challenges, or just let me know what you found inspiring in this video.


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